Thankyou to all those who came along to enjoy the beautiful surroundings – and a few Irish songs – in this gem of a church, right in the city centre. I’ll be back there later in the year.

“I enjoyed your lunchtime set at St Stephens. The Banks of Sullane and The Shores of Loch Brann were outstanding. I closed my eyes and watched the notes float up, hang and fill out. What a show! Educational too:  lilting, macaronic songs, and an explanation of Red Silkies. Sad songs are the best you say and that may be true if best is most beautiful, but I walked away to Diddly-i-de-loodle-i-de-loodle-i-de-lay, Diddly-i-de-loodle-i-de-loodle-i-de-lay” – Paul Carter.



Read Peta Webb’s review of my 2013  CD, “Charmed”, here:

Many thanks to Rod Stradling for his sterling work in keeping this wonderful folk resource alive.  Please visit the magazine here:

Peta herself is an amazing songstress. She co-runs the Musical Traditions folk club above The King and Queen pub in Foley Street, central London.

Find out more about her recordings here:



You could have heard a pin drop whilst the totally engrossed audience listened in absolute silence to the red haired Irish singer Marianne McAleer, who gave two spellbinding sets to include old traditional Irish ballads such as “The Banks of the Nile” and “She Moved Through the Fair”, alongside what everyone was agog to hear – her award winning lilting – which has led her to win many competitions, to sing frequently on Irish radio and at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, and to be the current All England Champion at Lilting.   For the uninitiated this is “voice music” – creating sounds to fit the rhythm and tune with no words.



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